Thursday, November 10, 2011

complete java/j2ee tutorial

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www.javagenious.comA complete guide for Java,J2EE and other related Technologies.We provide latest Java/J2EE Tutorials covering useful topics like java threads, exception, inheritance and OOPS concepts.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

IBM NPAT / IPATO Aptitude test experience


As a part of my hiring process in IBM Australia, I recently took up a NPAT Aptitude test, which was hosted by ! I got an automated email from IBM asking me to finish the test in 2 working days.

I took up the exam on Sunday, 05-November. I was allowed to use a calculator ( I messed initially as i used my mobile for calculations. I recommend you better use a scientific calculator or a normal one).

The exam had 2 sections ( although i was told that it will have 2 sections).  Below are some details on the type of questions and sections:

Section 1: Fill the number series:

Questions in this section were really hard. I have cracked GRE and GMAT Maths before but this was something hard. Although i did well with most of the questions, as Mathematics has always been a passion for me. The questions were so tough that 2.25 minutes per question seemed tiny..Some of the questions i got were:



Section 2: Image and Predictive Analysis

This section had series of 4 images and you had to find out the next image which will follow. Each questions had 4 options and the images were very complex. Each image had a box in which many small shapes were present. It was difficult to solve these questions.

I was not expecting these difficult questions in the NPAT Exam. However, Having cleared 2 technical discussion with IBM team , I think this should not be the method to judge my on job skills. I am not hired in IBM to make rockets !

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